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Of het nu door de oude SimBin GTR games komt, zoals GPL bij mij voor de oude F1 liefde in sim land zorgt, maar wat mij betreft zijn er nooit te veel GT wagens in een game :thumbup:

En er is een Steam aanbieding voor AC dit weekend.

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En weer een nieuwe license:

RUF official license revealed!
As you might know, in our recent poll we asked which car brands you would like to get in Assetto Corsa in future: we did it with the aim to drive our investment decisions in the right way. One of the most voted brands was RUF Automobile: so, we are really glad to announce that three RUF Automobile car models have been officially licensed for the racing game Assetto Corsa! More details will be revealed in future: meanwhile, enjoy the first wip images related to the development of the awesome CTR Yellowbird, one of the most wanted RUF cars.


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Update v 0.8 is uit

Change log:

  • - Lotus Exige 240
  • - Ferrari 312T F1
  • - Revised AI behavior
  • - Collisions performance improvements
  • - New sky box with clouds
  • - Fixed gui issue with spinner
  • - Improved x360 controller support at low speed
  • - Fixed gearshift sound on BMW M3 e92 Drift
  • - Improved rearview mirrors & added more rendering options in the launcher
  • - Default launcher theme: opponent skins are randomized from all available skins
  • - Default launcher theme: opponent setups are now set on a per-track basis
  • - Launcher: control configuration’s Xbox360 section revised
  • - Fixed end race chart display bug

Na dit weekend zeker even de F 312T even uitlaten :thumbup:

BRILJANTE update! Beste update tot nu toe. Spel ziet er echt een klap beter uit bij mij nu (op 4 jaar oude hardware) en draait ook soepeler met AI. AI gedraagt zich nu eindelijk ook goed, misschien zelfs iets te tam.

Daarnaast is die die 312T zo'n heerlijke bak. Racen op Monza met 0 voorvleugel en 2 achtervleugel is vrij angstig, tip :).

Dit wordt genieten!!

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Kunos Simulazioni is pleased to announce a new Licensing Agreement for Assetto Corsa with the NISSAN Brand!
In a recent poll we asked to gamers which car Brands they would like to get in Assetto Corsa: a special place in the collective imaginary is occupied by Nissan, also thanks to NISMO®, the
official in-house racing arm of Nissan. The vehicles it creates have one goal in mind: that every time you see a NISMO® badge, you’ll know it’s something extraordinary. The flagship of GTR. That's why we are so proud to announce the addition of the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2014 and Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 for Assetto Corsa: the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2014 will be included in future as upgrade of the game, while the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 will perfectly match the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, scheduled to be completed and released for Assetto Corsa on September 2014.
We are pretty confident that this new agreement with NISSAN will satisfy both the street car enthusiasts, and the simracing drivers who, with this addition, will get an amazing line-up for
their GTR races in Assetto Corsa!



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Ik las geloof ik ook ergens dat ze de wegen om Spa gescand hebben, en ze dus een "nieuwe" oude layout maken. Dat stond ergens op het AC forum, weet alleen even niet meer waar..
- Race Weekend
- AI improvements
- Fuel lap prediction
- Improved mouse with ingame gui
- Gui fixes and improvements
- Animations on secondary elements of the track
- Enable/disable keyboard commands with wheel or gamepad
- Skybox graphical improvements
- Tweaked kerbs volume
- Lotus Evora GTC
- Lotus Evora GX